Welcome to our blog! I originally started this blog in November 2010 just prior to having a major brain surgery to remove a large bleeding cavernous angioma from a deep part of my brain. You can best understand the gravity of our experience by reading the first several entries.(Nov 2010-Dec 2010) I wrote the first one and my sweet, adoring husband, John, wrote the next several (while I was too sick to do much of anything) that documented surgery, immediate recovery, and our reaction to the surgery complication (stroke)that was revealed 2 days after surgery. This recovery process has been difficult but we are making it. We appreciate all the kind words of encouragement we have received and we would like to thank everyone that has participated in helping us along this difficult journey. Also, if you have any questions about my personal experience, please leave them as a comment or contact me directly at thankfulforeveryday@yahoo.com and I will respond although I am not a doctor and this is not a replacement for medical care or advise. Please ask a real professional, or probably several. :) I hope to be able to help at least one person along the challenging road of brain surgery and recovery.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boo whoo...Last day of physical therapy

I have always been a "cry baby" and all of these recent changes have not changed that. Last Wednesday was my last day of physical therapy, and another emotional day for me. I knew Wednesday was going to be my last day for several weeks and I thought I would be ok with it when the time came...WRONG! As I said goodbye to the therapists that have so kindly helped me to regain my abilities, I wanted to give them a hug and a heartfelt "Thank You". Rather as I said goodbye...tears poured down my face...I said "Ut oh"...and I ran out as fast as I could as to not be embarrassed by another emotional meltdown. I guess since I'm running out without any assistive devices (walker, cane, wheelchair, etc.)...that means I'm good, right? Yes, I am very good, so why the tears? I am so pleased with my physical recovery, but I'm not 100% and I want to be! I feel that without professional guidance I am going to have a much more difficult time progressing. I have read several books, a few of my favorites:Stronger after Stroke and Rewire your Brain Rewire Your Life in the past few months on stroke recovery, so I do know that my recovery will continue beyond the 6 month acute phase and without professional intervention. It's just a matter of setting goals and continuing to push hard to meet and exceed them. Thank goodness for magical neuroplacticity! I have been working on a plan for some time knowing that my formal rehab would not continue forever or as long as I would have liked. No matter what...I have come a long way...I know I am lucky and thankful to be doing as well as I am...and only time will tell how much improvement I am yet to make. So I guess I need to go back in and give them the thank you I intended. At least speech therapy has not ended yet. :) I still need it!!


  1. Congratulations on your ongoing successes, Elizabeth!!!

  2. I have had very long term out-patient therapy, but now I only have a couple more Occupational therapy appointments left and I think Physiotherapy will be the next to go. I am sure I will be crying when the time comes too. I absolutely understand... you are not 100% there but you want to be and not so sure if you will get there on your own without a little outside direction. We can do it!


  3. I anticipate Physiotherapy will be the next to go. I am abiding I will be arrant if the time comes too.

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  4. I can understand why you were so emotional at the end of your physical therapy. Other than the fact that you were enjoying it and were seeing great improvement on your part, you wanted to be completely recovered. What physical therapy does is to start you on the path to recovery and get you through the hardest part of it, but it is always up to you to keep going down that path. I hope you’ve done well since your PT ended!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I have done well, BUT...I doubt I will physically recover 100% because I don't know how to fix the small things that are still wrong. I think the system is disappointing. I could have certainly recovered 100% with proper assistance. I wish they could have worked with me until I was all better. I never plateaued...and I worked really hard. I know I could have done it, but on my own....its so much harder. I don't know how to keep my shoe from falling off. Aggravating, but minor in the big picture. I keep working, and hoping....its all I can do.